La Sportiva Solution Review

One shoe can’t do everything for you, but if you try out one particular shoe you will be able to get you more precise details on exactly how that shoe benefits your climb and where it is going to fall short during your climb. 

The Solution is a well rounded shoe and will definitely get you started right on your climbing journey. Though it doesn’t meet all the best requirements, it is still a great addition to your climbing shoe collection. Here we have presented the La Sportiva Solution Review.

In Depth Guide of the La Sportiva Solution Review Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva Solution Review

La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe Score

  • Sensitivity – 9 out of 10
  • Pockets – 9 out of 10
  • Cracks – 8 out of 10
  • Edging – 9 out of 10
  • Comfort – 7 out of 10

How Well Does the La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe Actually Perform?


The Solution is an awesome shoe for versatility. If you are able to go on several different kinds of climbs or if you are able to handle a variety of situations on a single climb that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise, you’ll have a much better experience. 

They may seem like extremely uncomfortable shoes given their fierce design and aggressive downturn, but for their caliber of shoe, they are actually really comfortable and you will be able to go on longer climbs while still getting a ton of performance from this climbing shoe. 


The P3 platform that the solution utilizes as the base of its shoe gives a really amazing rigidity to your shoe and helps to keep its shape much more than those climbing shoes without the P3 design. 

This shape retaining technology really helps the fit, which in turn makes sure your edging skills with this shoe will be premier. You will want shape retention because often some climbing shoes bend and twist pretty easily, especially when you are trying to get a hold on smaller ledges. This is where you will notice whether or not your shoe’s shape will hold up really well or not. 

The shape of the shoe is actually a little more pointed than some others and its downturn really helps when you need as much support as possible on those small edges.

Crack Climbing Not Ideal 

These aren’t the best climbing shoes when you want to go crack climbing, but because of their durability and P3 rubber they will still work pretty well for you. 

You won’t want to use these for long crack climbs as you won’t be able to last long anyway before your feet begin to hurt pretty bad.  

But since these shoes are so good at edging, if you are attempting to jam your shoe into extremely small cracks, you may find that the Solution is actually great at this. But since you can’t really use these shoes for comprehensive crack climbs, they aren’t really your go to shoe for this kind of climbing. 

Amazing for Pockets

The point of the toe and the platform of the shoe make this shoe amazing at getting into tough pockets and also at supporting you while you are trying to go from one pocket to the other.

Some pockets are just too small to get your shoe into if you have a normal design at the toe, and even if you do get it in, getting enough support so that you can actually use that pocket as a hold to get to your next goal. 

However, the Solution is great at both of these factors by being able to solidly get into most pockets and giving you great support while in the pocket. 

Great Sensitivity for the Caliber of Shoe

Initially, this shoe is super stiff. But once you get the hang of it and have taken it out for a few climbs, the shoe will start to soften up a bit and allow you to feel the rock face. 

Your toe isn’t as close to the edge of the shoe like some other climbing shoes that are a bit better with their sensitivity. Probably the only shoe that is better at its sensitivity factor is the La Sportiva Genius because it’s one of the only climbing shoes that utilize a “no edge” technology. 

That coupled with the closeness of your actual toe to the edge of the shoe make the Genius rank just slightly above the Solution as a more sensitive shoe in their quality level. 

Is the La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe Comfortable?

Great Short Term Comfort, Bad Long Term Comfort

These shoes are much more designed for shorter, tougher climbs, the kind of climbs that force as much performance out of your shoe and your skills as possible. They aren’t really meant for long term, traditional, multi-pitch climbs. 

That being said, they are very comfortable for their caliber and while using them for really rigorous climbs, you’ll be able to stay comfortable while you are pushing your limits while on your climb. 

The tongue of the shoe has a very soft feel to it and has a great stretch to it, so this part of your shoe will give you lots of comfort. The tongue of any climbing shoe may seem a trivial part of the comfort or design, but you will either get a good bit of comfort over the top of your feet because of how soft the tongue is or it will be pretty uncomfortable in that area. Also, the tongue of your shoe will either slide around and make your steps a little unsure, or it will fit nicely in place and won’t detract from your stability. 

This shoe gives the best of both worlds for the most part in its comfort and its performance. You won’t be able to climb all day long but you will be able to do those specific climbs that are really hard and stay comfortable for their duration. 

The rubber design is made to fit your foot really and therefore give you as much comfort on your climb as possible. 

Does the La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe Have Good Fit?

Made for a Narrow Foot

The Solution is definitely going to be more for narrow footed people as it is a little bit longer shoe, Though some of the shoe’s length comes from its longer and pointier toe, it will still fit the narrow footed people a little better.

Size Down

You will probably want to size this shoe down a little as it will stretch and if you go about a half a size down then the shoe will eventually fit to your foot. 

As with any climbing shoe, the size is so key because you’ll want as much support while you are climbing as you can. You want as much of that sup[ort to come from your shoe as well as your muscles. If the majority of your support comes from only your foot muscles, your climb will be cut short because of how uncomfortable you will be. 

Good Hook and Loop System

The hook and loop system the Solution utilizes to create the fit that is specific for your foot. The velcro strap wraps over the top of the shoe, but another set of cinches that loop through the velcro strap which adds another level of fit. 

It is similar to what an all lace design gives you, in that with hook and loops, it allows you to adjust more sections of the shoe, whereas a climbing shoe that has only velcro straps they can only tighten certain parts of the shoe that don’t give you a complete fit for your foot. 

The problem with laces is that they take a little while to lace up, so you’re always going to be fiddling around with the fit, especially if it’s your custom to take your shoes off in between climbs to increase their durability, 

But with the velcro strap only system, you can take your climbing shoes on and off really quickly. However, they usually aren’t as adjustable in their fit as a completely lace system. 

The hook and loop system is the middle solution for both these problems. You will be able to have higher adjustability while at the same time cinching up your climbing shoe much faster than a complete lace system. 

Does the La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe Have Good Value?

Good Comfort/Performance Balance 

It’s a pretty expensive shoe. On a scale of 1-10 on the price scale, it’s probably about and 8 or a 9. 

It does have a good balance between comfort and performance, and also a good balance between easy on and off functionality and high adjustability with its hook and loop system.

It’s also pretty durable so even though the price tag is pretty hefty, you won’t have to replace these too soon, so that will save you a good bit of money right there. 

Pros and Cons of the La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe


  • On and Off Easily
  • Comfortable
  • Toe and Heel Hooking
  • Sensitivity 
  • Aggressive Downturn
  • Precise


  • Not Versatile 
  • Expensive 
  • Not for all day climbing 

How does the La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe Compare?

1. Solution Vs Solution Comp

These are two iterations of the same shoe, with the La Sportiva Solution Comp having a couple of better features than its base model, the Solution.

They are identical in their features in most ways, except for crack climbing.

The Comp is built just a little better in its design to help you stay stable and comfortable while climbing in a crack. 

Other than that they are almost identical in their performance.

2. Solution Vs Genius 

The La Sportiva Genius isn’t as good at crack climbing as the Solution. Though it’s no edge design gives it a lot of advantages in other areas, when you are climbing in cracks you will probably want the solution’s stiffness to help support. 

That being said, the Genius will definitely take the cake with its “no edge” design when you are wanting the best edging experience possible. There may be other shoes that’s features are better than the Genius, but the pre-rounded edges of the Genius are just too good to compete with if you are looking solely at edging ability. 

3. Solution Vs Futura

When it comes to climbing in cracks and overall comfort, the Solution definitely outpaces the La Sportiva Futura. You won’t be able to climb as long in the Futura climbing shoe because of the lack of comfort and you may not want to use this shoe if you are trying to get better at crack climbing or if you are going on a climb that you know has a lot of long cracks in it. 

But the Futura beats out the solution in one area, and that is in its sensitivity. You’ll be able to feel the rock face more when climbing when you are wearing the Futura and if you have built enough strength in your feet, be able to take on more difficult climbs where it is harder to feel the ripples and slight edges of the rock face. 

4. Solution VS Katana 

The Katana beats out the Solution in a couple of different ways. Firstly in its comfort level. The Katana will be able to take you on a longer climb than the Solution will be able to because of its softness and has great overall performance as well. 

It is also better at crack climbing. And since it is comparable to the solution in all of its other features, this may be a little bit better of a choice for you. 

It’s also only about $10-20 dollars more than the Solution, so the value you for money is actually a little bit better than the Solution as the price gap isn’t huge at all. 

What’s the Verdict on the La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe?

With great sensitivity while still having really awesome support because of its aggressive downturn, the Solution presents a great combination that will make even the most experienced climber happy.

It’s got great value for money especially when you combine its balanced performance with its low price, the Solution is tough to beat.